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Panciteria San Jacinto invites you to rediscover the classic Cantonese taste of Binondo in a relaxing country-style restaurant. The popular Asado, Pata Jamon, Lechon Macau, Hototay Soup, Ampalaya con Carne, Camaron con Jamon, Pancit Canton and many more are made readily available again in the delicious tradition of the very first Panciteria San Jacinto that opened in 1894 along T. Pinpin Street, Binondo, Manila.

Our Story

Renato T. Torres, the late patriarch of the Torres clan of Faith Realty and Development Corp. which owns and operates Panciteria San Jacinto at Pasig City, always dreamt of owning a Chinese restaurant ala old Chinatown Manila but with a twist.

Incorporating the taste of old Chinatown Manila with modern conveniences and a touch of American Country charm, Panciteria San Jacinto Pasig City was born.

Renato Torres struck a joint venture deal with the family behind the old Panciteria San Jacinto in Binondo Manila and the Pasig City restaurant opened in 1996 at FRDC Bldg., 106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.(C5). From then on it has been serving the classic Chinese favorites to young and old alike.